R3BAR Basic Certification – Earn Continuing Education Credits
The Basic R3BAR certification program is designed to give trainers the following information on R3BAR:
What the R3BAR is.
What the R3BAR does.
And how you can use the R3BAR to train and rehabilitate athletes and non-athletes anywhere.
Our basic certification course is offered online. The cost is just $89 and consists of a downloadable PDF guidebook, along with still images and video footage. When the course is completed you will receive a certificate of completion along with access to exclusive  instructional videos you can use to create your own personal R3BAR sessions.
To enroll in our basic certification program please click on link below to complete the following form:
R3BAR Facility Licensing-Trainers Will Earn Continuing Education Credits
Our facility licensing program allows a fitness facility to offer R3BAR Training classes to its members. Each facility will receive personal R3BAR training for all of there fitness professionals. At the conclusion of this 4 hour classroom and demonstration process each trainer will receive CEC’s and also become a Intermediate R3BAR Certified trainer.  The facility will also received wholesale product pricing, usage of R3BAR branding materials and access to our instructional video library.
To sign up for our R3BAR Facility Licensing or to get more details please click on the link below and complete the following form:
Master Certified R3BAR Trainers
These trainers have athletic and general fitness credentials along with R3BAR Certification.
Tim Manson- Redmond, WA                        Sly Walters- Ontario,Canada         
R3BAR Certified Intermediate Trainers
These trainers have completed the basic certification and also have completed the intermediate R3BAR certification process.
    Michael Knight-Seattle,WA                  Ryan Cooper- Seattle,WA       Travis Calloway-Tacoma, WA
R3BAR Licensed Facilities
For more information on connecting to a R3BAR Trainer please send an email to info(at)r3bartraining.com.