The basic R3BAR certification program is designed to give trainers the following information on R3BAR:
What the R3BAR is.
What the R3BAR does.
And how you can use the R3BAR to train and rehabilitate athletes and non-athletes anywhere.
Our basic certification course is offered online. The cost is just $89 and consists of a downloadable PDF guidebook, along with still images and video footage. When the course is completed you will receive a certificate of completion along with access to exclusive videos you can use to create workouts for classes. You will also be listed on our website as a certified R3BAR trainer.
To enroll in our basic certification program please click on link below to complete the following form:
Master Certified R3BAR Trainers
Tim Manson- Seattle, WA                        Sly Walters- Ontario,Canada          Michael Knight-Seattle,WA
Certified R3BAR Trainers
Delgado Cooke- Delray Beach,FL
For more information on connecting to a R3BAR Trainer please send an email to info(at)r3bartraining.com.