“The R3BAR is a must-have for physical therapists and trainers working with athletes of all levels. The design of R3BAR requires the athlete to utilize their own body in order to stabilize under resistance during both simple and complex movement patterns in all planes of motion. By adjusting the resistance levels, the tool can be incorporated into both early rehabilitative programming as well as more advanced, dynamic strength training. The tool and workouts provide immediate feedback to the athlete, increasing their awareness of body alignment and movement quality.”

Dr. Heather McGill – Sports Physical Therapist / Physical TheraPT


“The R3BAR is a great piece of equipment that can either address or uncover a muscle imbalance or tightness, or a movement compensation in an individual. This is a versatile tool that will allow you to isolate a movement or muscle but it also gives you the option to perform a large movement pattern to aid in strengthening multiple muscles simultaneously. It forces the athlete to engage and stabilize their core and postural muscles therefore building a strong ”central base”. In order to have a solid static and dynamic balance it is essential to have a strong core or “central base” from which one can generate power and speed to run, jump, change direction and absorb shock. The workout that one can attain from the R3BAR will definitely improve balance and proprioception, and increase core and overall strength in a manner that will improve one’s performance on the field, the ice, the court or the workplace. As a physiotherapist working in an orthopedic setting, the R3BAR can be utilized both as an assessment and treatment modality for a variety of spinal or peripheral conditions.”

James Salituri – Physical Therapist at Physiotherapy 2000


“The R3BAR has helped me immensely this off-season! It has been one of the main things to help me transition from a college athlete, to pro, body wise. I have cut 20lbs, while adding muscle mass and toning up. A big part of this shift has been from the consistent workouts with the R3BAR. The R3BAR has also helped me rehab from nagging injuries that have lingered during training. The R3BAR is a must have!”

Tucker Haymond. G-League Guard for the Austin Spurs.


“The R3BAR has changed my training, and consequently, my performance significantly. The combination of strength and flexibility development is key to keeping me in the game. Whether I use it at the beginning or conclusion of my day, it is a vital tool in my overall well-being. I highly recommend it for everyone, ranging from someone looking to get into training to professional athletes.”

Spencer Hawes. 10 year NBA veteran.


“The R3BAR is an innovative way to work the entire body in angles and spaces that some weights and machines just can’t replicate. I love the R3BAR, and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their fitness, and who is looking to challenge themselves in a different way. No matter what you’re fitness level is, the R3BAR is for you.”

Daniel Nwaelele. Professional Basketball player, NBA, G-League, Europe, Asia


“The R3BAR is a unique tool that is truly a full body workout. I always feel a bit more centered and accomplished after each session. It has increased my stability after multiple surgeries, and improved my balance. The R3BAR has helped my body learn to work together as a whole. The R3BAR is a great addition to traditional exercise, and is beneficial to athletes of all levels.“

Erika Johnson. Women’s Division One and Basketball Player, University of California Berkeley, and University of North Carolina.


“R3BAR is one of the most revolutionary and challenging workout tools I have used in my career thus far. I can feel it engaging different muscles in my body all at the same time that I never thought possible, and can honestly say I have seen tremendous improvement in my preformance in practice and in competition since I started using it”

Katja Pavicevic,Swimming Canada, Junior National Team Member


“The R3BAR offers a training method that transfers very well onto the ice. After using it in the off season, I found a new level of explosion, mobility and core stability. Using it even in one session challenges your body and makes you train effectively. I feel more prepared than ever for the season after using the R3BAR.“

Chris Rygus, St. Norbert College Hockey


“R3BAR is an absolute game changer for all athletes, but maybe even more so for golfers who essentially live on the road. I not only feel stronger, but more flexible which is maybe the most important thing in golf. I truly believe it’s only a matter of time before this is one of the most commonly used tools for professional golfers as well as serious amateur players.

 Phil Reedy, Professional Golfer


“R3BAR training has helped me feel more connected and balanced in my golf swing. The training makes your core engaged with every R3BAR move. That translates to a more balanced and powerful golf swing. My swing has felt more coordinated and in sync with full swings and flighted shots when the wind is a factor. I know I can swing smooth with power and keep my balance when I train the R3bar Alpha Pro, along with that it can travel with me to the course.”

Andrew Von Lossow, Amateur Golfer